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tbg-QuantDesk is coming soon.

Please see some example screenshots here:

tbg-QuantDesk screenshots

If you have any questions or do you think you can collaborate with please email us!

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  1. pkolopez says:

    is it already available for download and installation?
    thanks. best regards

  2. admin says:


    The product permits to run/stop and monitoring a strategy ( or more than one ).
    We temporary stopped the implementation of the main part ( strategy creation ) and of the whole tbg-quantDesk project becasue we were using the quercus implementation of PHP that has a GPL licence.
    Quercus PHP is the implementation of PHP in java, is not clear if the use of Quercus PHP to write a webapp should intend that every related product has to be opensource, tbg-quant-core is free but not opensource.
    In this case we are using quercus ( a GPL product ) as a “service” ( PHP ), we are not extending it.

    Since this fact is not clear yet, we cannot delivery the product to avoid any legal issues.
    For this reason we decided to temporary stop the development of this product, at this time is not easy to replace Quercus with standard PHP and H2 db.

    We all now that tbq-quantDesk will give us a great advantage ( in terms of new users ) but at the same time we cannot staff resources on this product if we are not sure we can delivery it.

    I hope to let you know soon with some good news 🙂
    Thank you for your interest!

  3. pkolopez says:

    Hello guys, Any news about the quantDesk ??? If it is not possible to go live with BonnotGang what is your recomendation? What is the most complete all-in-one OpenSource AlgoTrading platform. for Design, Analysis, BackTesting, Optimization and RealTrading, I am looking at Tradellink, algotrader, marketcetera, equametrics.com, TradeStation, MetaStock, and NinjaTrader

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