tbg-Quant slideshare presentation

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Here is the last tbg-Quant presentation posted on slideshare:

tbg-Quant algorithmic trading framework from Alberto Sfolcini


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We are working on a NeuralBox class that will enable you to easily use Neural Networks by few simple steps:

– Setting the Neural Network architecture (number of input neurons, number of hidden neurons, number of output neurons)
– Setting the input data and normalizing them
– Train the network
– Setting the actual data and gets the prediction result

We are posting soon some example on GitHub master.

tbg-Quant is on GitHub

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We moved on GitHub!

Official tbg-quant repository

Clone the repository

  • git clone https://github.com/tbg-quant/tbg-quant.git


Unofficial tbg-quant examples repository

This repository is mantained by Alberto Sfolcini <a.sfolcini(at)gmail.com> and contains source code examples of some strategies.


Supported OS

Windows, Linux, MacOSX, *nix


March 26th, 2013 / admin / 3 comments

tbg-QuantDesk is coming soon.

Please see some example screenshots here:

tbg-QuantDesk screenshots

If you have any questions or do you think you can collaborate with please email us!


March 26th, 2013 / admin / 5 comments

First post!

tbg-Quant version 1.1beta3 is coming soon.
No major changes since the beta2, just some fixes.

tbg-QuantDesk is on the way.

thank you

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